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 How I came up with the design:

When I first purchased the Xicoy to use for my aircraft and I started using it I said there has to be a better way to get these 2 main measurements needed to enter into the Xicoy software. After setting up a place to put the plane on the sensors, you then need painters' tape, level, laser level ETC. and in some cases a plumb bob. By the time you set everything up, mark your laser lines and get your measurements it can take up to 30 minutes just to get 2 measurements. So, at 2 am, a design came to mind to make this job much faster and easier while maintaining accuracy. I started out with just ordering some aluminum extrusions with various parts and had a friend that has a machine shop help me fabricate the sensor pads. It then took me several hours of time and labor to refine the device before an actual prototype was made at the tool and die shop. After many revisions, tests, and making the product as top notch as possible I was finally able to have the first working unit to try and test everything. Now everything is perfectly finished on this product to bring you many years of use and save you a lot of time to get the measurements for the Xicoy.

The Name and what's included:

I named the unit the RCCG Machine (Remote Control Center of Gravity Machine). It comes in three colors, Silver, Red and Blue. All the units are hand made out of Aircraft Aluminum and are fully Anodized. They come in a heavy plastic carrying case for storage and to transport to your favorite flying location. It has 3 leveling feet with a bubble level that will fit easily on a picnic table or similar small table to level the unit and Aircraft. The RCCG Machine is quick and easy to setup and take apart when you're finished. Each piece has its own location in the case to keep it separated and protected. There is a heavy and durable ruler system on the unit made from a 3M material so you can get quick and accurate measurements. If the measuring tapes ever wears out or gets damaged, we can easily send out new ones to replace them if needed.


Included with the RCCG Machine Unit:

(1) Aluminum Yard Stick in Metric and Standard Markings to allow you to get a quick measurement of both your Main Landing distance and the distance from the Main Gear to the Nose or Tail Dragger Wheels.
(1) Set of 4 Stainless Steel Rulers in 6", 8", 12" and 14" to use to transfer the CG measurement mark from your particular aircraft quickly from the Leading-Edge Plate to the front of the CG Line Plate on the unit.
(1) Set of Laminated Instructions, Unit Diagram and Parts List.
(1) Each of a 4mm and 5mm T-Handle Allen Wrenches for quick assembly of the RCCG Machine.
(1) Heavy Plastic Carrying and Storage Case.
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